We are the stars- you told me

I was floating through a comatose fog with my sunshine obstructed and skies obscured by clouds of sneering thunder when a single bright light pierced my horizon. Unable to achieve even the dimmest spark, I marveled at your glow. From afar your gravitational pull seemed unattainable. Little did I know that to an open mind the impossible is just an opinion.


Your comet streaked across the sky, 

Its burning fire blurring lines.

Exploding in a haze, upon contact dazed

And alive I saw the sunrise

With a new set of eyes.

The most beautiful thing about comets is that their orbits cycle every 100 years and there is no sense in holding on because no matter how hard you try, stardust will always slip through your fingers. Yet within me are the atoms from stars and I burn just as brightly. Reverberating across the expanse I am a part of this magnificent universe where we are all interconnected.

And such is the nature of stars…

To cross ever so briefly, but move us ever so infinitely.

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