To my latin sister

In the stillness of the quiet, if we listen, we can hear the whisper of the heart giving strength to weakness, courage to fear, hope to despair.

Cancer is a scary word. It can flood your life in a split second and drown you in a tidal wave of intricately woven emotions- anger, fear, hope, denial, confusion, more anger, doubt, optimism, frustration, fervor – sometimes it is hard to differentiate where one ends and the other begins.

When I received a telephone call from my doctor in the middle of work today, my entire being froze in a deathly cold panic. They always say no news is good news, and there is nothing worse news than getting a follow up regarding your pathology results. The mind can accelerate from zero to the speed of light in a matter of seconds, encompassing within it a calculated probability of best to worst case scenarios all the while you sit blankly staring into an empty space on the floor.

With luck, I dodged a bullet and at what I hope is the tail end of my personal roller coaster, I can only endeavor to say that I wish I had as much fight in me as my shining showgirl superstar. I sit in awe as I witness one of the most inspirational women I have met face this ordeal and I am taken aback by her positivity and courage throughout the storm.

Mary, today I think of you and I send you my strength and passion.  They say there are no bad experiences, and the main thing I did learn from my brush with fate is that you must discover your thirst for life before you have the sense to realize that it is finite.

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