Shower Thoughts

Knowledge is so relative.

We peer out of two holes in a bony receptacle and observe the lives of all the people around us- friends, strangers, fleeting visitors. If we are mindful, we try not to judge them. Often we do anyways. Most commonly though we brood and ponder, what if they know something I do not? What if their course of action is the correct one and I am on the path to failure and misfortune. Maybe I should stop swimming against the stream and give in to all that is reliable.

Convention is so relative.

Maybe I should answer the call of convention, it seems to work so well for many. But what if I miss out on something that convention doesn’t offer? And what if I was born in a different country, a different era, a different culture- my convention would be completely different. Why should I listen to a symbolic figure trying to dictate the course of my life? After all, who knows my passions, my values, fears and desires better than me?

The internal battle continues. When we are kids we are told we can be anything, and then as we grow up we are told we have to fit into a socially constructed mould. I’ve discovered a relative truth in both statements. We can be any thing but not everything. When we evolve enough as a collective to completely shed our societal skin, maybe then we will stop looking for the magical compass to show us the “right” direction.

And if you are still hoping to find North, let me know how you do it- because as far as I see, nobody knows what they’re doing anyway so the only thing left is to trust in the certainty of your own magnetic pull.

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