On the edge of reality and evaporation

“Misery does not come from your actions, neither does joy come from your actions. Joy comes when you are total…misery is the outcome when you are partial. And living a healfhearted life is creating a hell for yourself every moment” Osho

On a certain day, as I found myself semi-lost in a snow laden forest in the backcountry, I stopped at the most utterly useless trail marker I have ever encountered. Aside from the fact that it confirmed I was indeed going somewhere, it diverged the path into two different directions with only the words “this/that way” and two arrows to distinguish between them.
We paused, discussed our options. One path lead steeply up the hillside, the other winded sideways, deeper into the forest. Concluding that we must have much more altitude to gain we painstakingly snowshoed, amidst cursing, crying, yelling, sweating, up the arduous uphill track towards an unknown end.
On another particular day, once torn in the throes of passion I asked a dear friend for advice on the course of action I should take. She asked me what I feared and I said making a mistake.
You see, she smiled and said, the only mistaken you can ever make is not having both feet in a stake.
We make decisions every day and it doesn’t matter which way we go so long as we go there with all our heart. To choose the in-between is not to choose at all, and that is the worst choice you can ever make.

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