Moving Across the World in 10 Easy Steps

The number one challenge when starting a blog for someone with perfectionist tendencies is that it literally takes FOREVER. And no, not because of procrastination as you might think (well I mean, there’s that as well), but because i actually just went back and changed the 4th word of this post about 3 times before continuing on. Luckily, thanks to the wonderful guidance of Travelicious and an ever-persistent boyfriend (who bribes you with wine for every 1000 words), I would like to welcome you all to High on Adventures.

Never in a million years did I think that any of my creative writing endeavors would amount to a source of revenue, nonetheless I now find myself  diligently sitting at my laptop experiencing the true meaning of the phrase “starving artist”. It seems as if only yesterday that I quit my day job, packed my life up into a 20 kg bag, and moved to the opposite hemisphere where people talk funny, kangaroos roam freely, and toilets spin in the wrong direction.

The following blog posts will feature a collection of tales from Down Under, epiphanies of a backpacker, and the occasional whining and complaining about how challenging life can be. As terrifying as it was to leave behind my deeply intertwined social safety net every motion of panic is triumphed by the deeply ingrained understanding of my own personal passions, values, and morals. Following the gentle tug of our authenticity is a skill worth investing in and remembering that gratitude and inspiration is the cure to all worry gives me a sense of stillness and peace of mind. The sensible and the responsible is forever at a discord within me but this experience has solidified my purpose. Isn’t it the point of existence to take a good look at everything before it disappears in the blink of an eye, in the exhale of a breath?

The new-ness of change engages the mind and the goal of my presence here is to inspire you, to paint the most vivid depiction of the places I visit and the emotions that accompany them.  So meanwhile you wait with anticipation for the next entry, I invite you to do some of your own preliminary research; topics can include, but are not limited to, Aussie slang, the world’s deadliest animals (choose your preferred demise), Madmax film locations, and actual components of Vegemite.

I welcome all comments and feedback, as well as cookies and witty button pins

(Please send the latter to:

P.O. Box MSR-Nook

Under a Rock Drive, Somewhere on the beach, OZ).

May the odds of avoiding all the things that want to kill us be ever in our favor.


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