Love is nine-tenths imagination and has no more to do with lovely than like with likely

She leaves behind herself a trail of eyes. She mesmerizes, elevates, enthralls. They watch the rhythmic motion of her hips. Her lips. And that mischievous sparkle in her eye, the one she learned from mama and mastered what seems like generations ago. She is a welcome contradiction; a mystery as translucent as the air before a morning sunrise, her head held high, her laugh so carefree, and her affection free-flowing.

She is easy to fall in love with. She brings with her a boundless energy and a bottomless joy. Her prime purpose in life is to lift the fallen, heal the broken and she sucks them in with the intention of leaving whatever she touches just that little bit more whole.

They see the fire ignite inside her, they see her roar in forthright radiance. They see her speak out for the silent, but do they see her silently curl up in pain? They see her fearlessly plunge into a daring challenge, but do they see the fears that torment her at night?

He sees her.

The crumpled heap of whimpers; a tear-stained mess of contradictions. Those fragile moments when she buckles before the demons in her mind- he doesn’t mind. At first glance, she may be easy to fall in love with but to love is to endure… and he does.

When she clambers into bed at 2 am, with the night’s sweaty laundry ditched in a corner to deal with the next morning, he hugs her closer and when she falls asleep at 6 pm frail from exhaustion he softly shuts the door and handles life for her.

In theory, she is a glamorous idea, a twinkling charm, but when the curtains close there’s more to her than she brings forth. Beneath the surface we all have things we hide, so take the time to delve into the what’s raw and on the other side.

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